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Luxury Sport Car collection Nan Cristiano Ronaldo

Collection of sports cars for Cristiano Ronaldo not be impossible because Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player who has a high pay in the world, so it is natural that Cristiano Ronaldo has a collection of sports cars are luxurious and have exorbitant prices and unreliable. The sports car is a car with a speed that exceeds the average compared to other cars when used for driving.

In addition, the design is very elegant and seductive, but for the price matters, this car has a very inflated price or can be said to be impossible if not upper class people who bought it for a sports car is not easy to obtain and can be 10-fold of the price of a regular car.

Cristiano Ronaldo had revenues reached US $ 44 million or the amount of 505.7 billion dollars, it is no wonder if he can afford to buy cars and luxury sports cars in the world's most expensive.

Here's a collection of sports cars owned by Cristiano Ronaldo, among others:

Bugatti Veyron is one of the sports car into a collection of Cristiano Ronaldo and the most expensive at US $ 1.7 million or 19.5 billion rupiah.

Lamborghini Aventador is an Italian car with the power of 690 horsepower and a V12 engine, so it can run at speeds of 217 mph. Additionally, this one is said to have a price of US $ 379.700 or the worth of 4.3 billion dollars.

Sports car owned by Cristiano Ronaldo that followed was the Aston Martin DB9 is a luxurious sports car as a symbol of personality Cristiano Ronaldo, who is well-known and famous footballer.

Collection of sports cars from the next Cristiano Ronaldo is the Bentley Continental GTC is a very comfortable car, so it can be used to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. Also equipped by 5998 cubic centimeters are powered by a twin-turbocharged W12 engine, thus resulting horsepower is 560. This car is the fourth car owned by a football player Cristiano Ronaldo as wealthy.

Ferrari 599 GTB can be said to be the strongest car among other Ferrari cars, the article of this car was purchased by Cristiano Ronaldo when he became player sebakbola for club Manchester United.

Audi Q7 and is one of the sports car owned by Cristiano Ronaldo and this car including the latest cars.

Maserati GranCabiro a favorite sports car Ronaldo and another version Granturismo Coupe.

That is some collection of sports cars owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to these cars, there are other sports cars that were collected by Cristiano Ronaldo, which certainly makes the list of collections Real Madrid player is getting longer.

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