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10 Types of Sports Cars In Indonesia's Most Wanted

10 Types of Sports Cars In Indonesia's Most Wanted

Sports car in Indonesia has its own level, even though Indonesia is a developing country that still does not like other countries, for sports cars and luxurious affairs of the Indonesian people still have a high enough interest, especially for those who have a high income. Sales of luxury cars or sports cars in the country can be said Indonesia is still low for the year 2014, as total sales of luxury cars or sports in the country of Indonesia fell quite high, which is nearly 50 percent. Luxury or sports car that can be absorbed in Indonesia only 461 units, whereas in 2013 the sale of a sports car can reach 963 units in the country of Indonesia.

When referring to the data contained in Gaikindo 2014, in Indonesia available 10 types of sports car with luxury models, including :
1. Honda CR-Z
sport cars Honda CR-Z

2. Volkswagen Scirocco
sport cars Volkswagen Scirocco

3. Subaru BR-Z

4. Toyota 86

5. Nissan GT-R

6. Peugeot RC-Z

7. Nissan Fair Lady

8. Hyundai Veloster

9. Mazda MX-5

10. Mazda RX-8.

From the list above sports car, the Scirocco is the best-selling sports car for the last 2014 years as recorded 180 units of this car can be sold, so that these conditions can shift the position of the Honda CR-Z being the second position, ie the number of 119 units of cars that can be sold . Then, Toyota's best-selling car 86 into the third position followed by his twin brother, the Subaru BRZ which is a sports car in Indonesia.

The results confirm the data from Gaikindo 2014 Scirocco as a sports car that has fans in Indonesia. Of part or segment of the sports car buyer characteristics different from the usual car consumers because some of its characteristics are not as characteristic of the first car buyer or a regular car. Usually the sports car market in Indonesia more enlivened by a buyer who has a fanatical brand, became the lover of a model car, or consumers who have hobbies sports car. From the data cited from the association said nearly half of the sports car consumers in Indonesia comes from a community that does have a love of sports cars.

Sports car buyer is not the common people because they come from the group of people that high economic level and they can buy a sports car on the basis of hobby or his passion for sports cars desired. As has been noted in The association, they buy and target sports cars on the basis of love and usually come from the community. Indonesian sports car in its development did not like in other countries as in the country of Indonesia itself the number of people who have a high economic level not greater than the population of Indonesia is very solid. It can be said that the sports car sales in Indonesia have a fairly low level.

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